What Mommy Needs

I need my fix really bad today, but my dealer was just being a douche bag! He kept saying he was out! I knew damn well he was holding. He just wanted to up the price on me. He didn’t know how bad I needed it! He also doesn’t know I have a back up supplier. I don’t really like to use Marko. He is really rough on my tiny sluts. He likes to slap them around and really rough them up. Black eyes and bloody lips, but I just cant wait any longer. I need what I need and they will just have to earn Mommy her drugs. I know what he is going to do and I just don’t give a fuck. Last time he really tore Katelyn up! He used one of those fucking machines with a big 10 inch dildo on it. I can’t believe he got it to fit in her tiny pussy! The whole time he was skull fucking her! He went for HOURS! Even used that machine on her tiny little asshole. She wasn’t able to fuck for almost a month! I hate having her out of service that long, but I just cant wait any longer. The other girls will just have to pull double duty to make up for it!


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