What Did You Think Was In There?

Scat Phone Sex


Hey, Man, if you don’t like to get shit on your dick then you probably shouldn’t be having scat phone sex!  What did you think was in there?  You knew the risk you were taking when you decided to cram that baloney baton of yours right up my ass!  Shit comes out of shitholes and if you are so afraid to get your cock covered in crap then you probably should’ve kept it out of butt, Bud.

What, is this the first time you ever got to stick your donkey dick in a butt slut’s ripe and ready rot hole?  It’s too big for all the other women you fucked to even pop the head past their tight little assholes, huh?  That’s understandable, you are packing an awesomely powerful fuck stick there, Guy.  I won’t give you too much shit for not knowing that butt fucking often times leaves your bone caked in that ass’s upcoming BM, I already left you with plenty on your prick to make that point.

Really though, just jam that dynamic dung covered dick back in my ass and keep pounding away, Pal.  You know my tight trash hole feels better than any pussy you’ve ever stretched out and obliterated.  Forget about the shit and just keep drilling out my dunger, my ass was just about to cum!  Just be sure you piss and wash yourself off really well when we’re done and you’ll be fine.


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