Have It Your Way

I am feeling extremely naughty lately, which says a lot for a cum slut! So tomorrow I am inviting a bunch of guys over. I told every one of them to bring as many friends as they want, as long as they are male. Age doesn’t matter as long as they have a dick. I made a banner that says “Have it your way” and I will be under it, ready and waiting. Of course there will be refreshments but I am the main dish on the menu tomorrow. If this shin-dig doesn’t satisfy the naughty cravings I have been having nothing will. I have a big basket filled to the brim with toys and lube and all sorts of naughty party favors to be used or not. My pussy is all a quiver with excitement and anticipation. My ass is twitching and my mouth is watering. Thinking about having all those dicks in me and all the toys used in every way imaginable, especially the bondage toys. I am going to be fucked, sucked, and filled the fuck up! By the end of the night i will be a cum soaked, cum filled, nasty, dirty fucking cum slut. I can’t wait!

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