Watch Mommy Put On A Show

As a p mom I love it when the girls put on a little show for me. They take their time and go through all my clothes, finding the sluttiest outfits they can. They get all dressed up and put on lots of mommy’s make up. By the time they are ready to start the show they look like little hookers and it makes my pussy wet as hell. They take their time and pick out just the right music for the opening act. As they turn on the stereo and strut out of their room into the hall and then into the living room. They sashay their hips and lip sync while dancing and strutting their stuff. They take their time and strip one thing at a time, teasing me with their eyes and movements. Finally when they are stripped and the music is over, they do a little skit that looks just like the porn movies we watch together. By this time I am fucking myself openly and waiting for the end so that I can call them over to lick me clean and let me have my way with them. Well tonight I am going to put on a show for them. I have invited one of my friends over and after I dance and strip while he watches with them, his cock getting hard the whole time, I am going to grab him up and do a little fuck fest skit of my own, making the girls watch until I decide they can join in on the fun. I have it all planned out and I can’t wait!


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