Was it you that night?

hot phone sex brookeOK. This never happens to me. But I can’t stop thinking about it.

I am always in control. I love bringing a man to the edge over and over again. I love the look on his face each time as he struggles to hold back, just waiting for me to give the “OK” and then the ultimate eruption of thick wet cum!

Well, I think I met my match. The problem is, I don’t know who he was!

I was talking to this AMAZING guy the other night and I kept bringing him sooo close. I was telling him all the yummy things I would do to him if he were here, describing everything in sizzling detail.

I always get excited talking to men but this guy was different. He was giving it right back to me!

It was like a game to him! But this is MY game! I started with something as simple as his warm salty skin and how I could raise every hair on his gorgeous body without even touching him.

Then he gave it right back and if we had been in the same room…I swear there would have been arks of electricity from my body to his!

I had never experienced anything like that! And it didn’t stop there! I would tell him how I would tease his hard nipples with my tongue and he would tell me that he would devour my entire tit and bite my nipple ( and he said, hard!).

I had never been so wet! I had never been so turned on! I was so worked up that I never got his name but I cant stop thinking about him!

We ended up talking for an hour! I think he was trying to challenge me. And it worked!

Well game on mister!

If you’re out there….I am ready this time!

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