Wanna Trade Brats for Coke?

black cock phone sex slut momI’m not a size queen. I don’t need huge cock. In fact, being a natural submissive means I take what is given to me, and never complain about size or girth. I have a black drug dealer. Let’s just say Jerome is not your everyday drug supplier. He is not who a woman wants to go to for a fix. He is the one she has to go to when out of options. I owe so many local dealers money, no one will work with me until I pay up. I needed a fix bad, so I went to Jerome. He will work with you regardless of your ability to pay. Well your ability to pay cash that is.

Jerome made me suck his cock before he would even entertain a deal with me.  Skull fuck was more like it. He fucked my mouth without mercy until cum was running down my face. He asked me if I had any brats who could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch like me. If I brought him a few brats to abuse, he’d hook me up with a couple ounces of devil’s dust. I called up the babysitter, gave her my  address and told her to bring the girls to me. My little fuck trophies showed up looking all sweet and innocent. That look would be gone soon enough.

drugs phone sex cum whore BBCI thought I could just sit outside and wait for him to be done, but the sick fucker he is, wanted me to watch and help as his took my baby girls’ virginity. I snorted a few lines to prepare me for being his accomplice. I finger fucked their little fuck holes to loosen them up a bit, spit in their cunts and asses for lube then guided Jerome’s monster cock into each girl’s pussy. He pretty much split them both in two. I was so high watching him hurt my girls with his dick that I found it hot listening to their cries and pleas for mommy’s help. Even found it so sexy when Jerome’s dark meat got coated in cherry juice.

He forced his cock in all my girls’ holes for a good hour. I told them I would take them for ice cream afterwards for being such good sluts. I cleaned my girls’ swollen fuck holes up with my tongue and Jerome’s cock too. The taste of my daughter’s innocence on his cock was yummy. He got hard again so he fucked my ass in front of my girls. Made them lick his seed out of my asshole too. I got my coke, took my girls for ice cream, then went home to party. Told my baby’s I’d share my candy with them too. They  need to get high, because now that I know I can trade their tiny holes for drugs, I don’t ever need to worry about having to pay cash again.

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