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Adult phone chatI was thinking earlier how hard it is to find the perfect fuck partner. I mean men get to pull out their cocks, get hard and stick it in a hole. But for me I actually need some stimulation. I need to feel something rub up against my clit, I need visual stimulation of some sort. I need to feel my orgasm slowly come on before I come all over. And although I am notorious for being able to squirt my pussy juice across the room when I come. That kind of dedication does not come from a quickie. I need the time taken to get me to optimal climax status where I feel the burn of wanting something shoved so far inside of me that I could scream from the urge to be stuffed full. Its so hard to get that ultimate rush and shoot it down between my legs for a good pussy squirt aiming straight for my target, usually his mouth. If I am going to eat your cock and swallow your yummy load, I want the same. Open wide!

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