Wake up Call

Chris came over early to see me. I was still snug asleep in bed. I didn’t even hear him use the hide a key to sneak in. I was having the best dream. I was lying on a beach. Some big strong sexy man was rubbing coconut oil all over my body. Brushing against my hard nipples and then sliding those long fingers over my ribs and across my stomach. Until he finally dipped into my bikini in grabbed a hold of my big hard cock. I could feel those big long fingers wrapped around me and stroking me. Faster and stronger until I realized I wasn’t asleep anymore. I looked up and saw Chris frantically stroking my cock. And then all at once he lifted up my legs and slid that big dick of his deep inside me. His fingers never stop stroking me. I could feel that massive dick stretching me open. And driving me crazy. When he finally shot his load deep inside me. I erupted and came all over both of us. What a great wake-up call.

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