Naughty Neighbor Voyeur Phone Sex

I am always excited when I know you are home. I leave my curtains open on purpose. I have seen you gazing into my apartment, hard dick in hand as I stroll around in the buff, bending over and cleaning as I take extra special care to give you the best views of this sexy ass, tight, wet pussy and these hard nipples. I love to glance through my eye lashes when you think my head is bent down while I give myself a rub here or a caress there. But the best part of the day is when I am in my room at night on my bed. I know you think I am watching the TV which is strategically placed so that it looks that way. But really when my legs are spread and I am masturbating i am watching you, while you are watching me. I love being a voyeur for you and when I cum and suck all that juice from my fingers while your body jerks and releases it’s load it is the best feeling.
I have often thought of going over and just fucking your brains out. But that would take all the fun out of it so for now at least I think I will keep playing this naughty neighbor game and let you think your getting a show on the sly when in reality it is very much intentional.

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