Vin Diesel Call Fantasy

Now I must confess that I have done phone sex for awhile now and out of the countless calls I have done, there is one that stands out in my deeps desires. This happened to me my first year on the phones when a guy called me one night. His voice the moment I heard him say “Hello” to me, gave me a shock wave of chills through my entire body. His voice was manly, deep, and sensual to the point I felt captivated and felt lustfully drawn in like a sex fiend needing to satisfy my urges. As we talked, he told me that he wanted to know what kind of man gets me completely turned on when I am touching myself. I have to admit, I was caught off guard by this caller with this very alluring voice that I was breath taken fro a moment before I whispered the name “Vin Diesel”. Once he heard that, he started to talk to me as if he was Vin Diesel and telling me the things he would do to me. How he would touch every part of my body, pick me up in his strong arms so that he can place me down on his cock, and hold me tight with those muscular arms wrapped around me while I rode him hard. The further we went into the fantasy, the more I felt the tension building up for me to explode. When suddenly I could her his breath quickened into a gasp, I knew right then he came hard which caused me to climax into a squirting and screaming frenzy. It was beyond mind blowing that I had to catch up with my breathing as it intensely took it away. Several minutes after convulsing from that orgasmic experience, I begged him for more time but unfortunately his card declined when I tried to extend our call. So I thanked him immensely for the call and hoped to hear his sexy voice again soon another time.  

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