Valentine’s Day Torture

Love is in the air! Or that’s what I thought… My master had me chauffeured for a day of festivities.  First he went and got my hair and nails done. They massaged my scalp so good and used that sea salt on my toes! I had lunch with my best friend I haven’t seen in years! Then they whisked me off to find the perfect outfit for me and daddy’s evening together. No it wasn’t some long gown that most girls adore. I know exactly what daddy likes. I picked out this sexy cropped out lingerie outfit. 6 inch pumps and sexy thigh highs. All for my special daddy!

I love Valentine’s Day!

We were riding for a while, and I was getting anxious. I kept asking the driver where to but he was completely silent now. When we finally arrived I sat in the big truck for about 20minutes and all of a sudden two big guys snatched me out, covered my head and carried me into this cold place.

They tied me up and left me there with my thoughts. Soon I noticed these familiar footsteps. I should have known this was all my master’s doing. He uncovered my head and said surprise!

All I could say was Thank you daddy over and over again!

He started out with the usual, humiliating me, calling me his flirty little whore… Then he got out the whips and needles for his special Valentines day torture… I never saw the next thing coming… He whispered in my ear that I was his forever and I should get it tattoo’d. Well no less than 5 seconds he pulled out this heart shaped branding iron.

Tattoos can be removed, once something is burned into your skin it’s there forever, and Forever I will be his.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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