Using My Brother As A Fuck Toy

Squirting Phone Sex

Being that was older than my brother, I would make him do anything I wanted. As we got older, I used him as my fuck toy. I would make him lick my pussy and asshole whenever I was horny. If he tried to fight, I would just climb on his face and smother him until he would he stick his tongue out. I rub my clit and asshole over his tongue while stroking his cock forcing it to get hard. He tried to deny that he didn’t love licking me or me sliding my pussy on his hard cock but I knew my brother loved it. When I would slide my pussy right on his hard dick, his body would quiver. I made sure to fuck him good and hard, riding his dick like if he were just a toy. I would rub on my clit and it would make my pussy squeeze and milk his cock until he would fill me up. Then he would lick the cum out of my pussy. I was my brothers first and I will always fuck him.  

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