Two Girl Tease

2 girl phone sex

  I love thinking of new ways to tease you! I get so excited knowing that you cant wait to touch me.
Sometimes I like to push things a little. I love to see the nervous look on your face when you have no idea what I have in mind.
That is why, when you get home tonight….I am going to have a surprise for you!
I called my girlfriend, Cody, and she agreed to help me. She is a little wild and has absolutely no limits.
Together, we are going to find out what your limits are! I am so excited! Cody had come over a little earlier and we got all dressed up in some lace teddies and high heels. I was a little nervous so we did a couple shots while waiting for you to get home.
She could tell I was nervous so she brushed the hair away from neck and kissed me. I could feel her breath on me as she whispered to relax. I instantly felt a twinge in my pussy and a warm wetness building up.
She started licking my nipples, nibbling just a little as she softly ran her fingers down my lower back. I heart was racing and my head fell back. That’s when I saw you and smiled!
You stood there watching Cody lick me and touch me, sliding her fingers into my soaked pussy and licking my cream from the tips of each one. My eye stayed locked on you and I could watch your pants start to bulge!
You knew I wasn’t going to let you touch until I said it was ok. I gave Cody a nod and she stood up and smiled. We each grabbed your hand and led you into the bedroom.
I slowly unbuttoned your shirt as she pulled it off your shoulders, Then I knelt in front of you and unzipped your pants as she knelt behind you and slide them off, exposing that manly cock right in my face.
I it wasn’t part of the plan but I couldn’t help myself. I took you in my hungry mouth and teasing you with my tongue as Cody gave you little bites on your juicy ass. I could taste the tantalizing pre-cum and knew we better stop.
So we sat you down in the chair and we continued where we left off in the kitchen. She let me fuck her slippery pussy with my new pink toy…the one I bought  to remind me of you! So she gets to enjoy you too!
You reached down and started stroking that throbbing cock and I knew you were close!
No! No! No!
I didn’t say that was okay!
Now I have to punish you but just a little…I make you watch as I lick her creamy little fuck hole. Do you want some? Here…I will let you taste my fingers when I pull them out.
Do you want to fuck her to? Do you want to feel her tight pussy squeezing your man muscle?
Go ahead…slide in there…she is so tight! But don’t you dump that sweet cream in her! That’s mine!
I bend down and bite her nipples with my ass stuck way in the air, teasing you to just slide right in.
Cody smiles up at you and orders you to spank my ass! You just look at me…Do what she says!
I could see your face get hard as you try to keep from exploding! you could see how much the sting from your slaps were turning me on!
Have you had enough? Are you ready to give us that luscious sauce!

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