Turn Me Into A Toilet

Toilet Slave Phone Sex


I know I don’t look like your typical toilet slave but I’m full of surprises that will keep you guessing and cumming.  Being an organized woman who has every aspect of her life in control, I tend to crave the hectic chaos that comes with being turned into a filthy human outhouse.  After being used like a sentient fuck doll and filled up with cock cream I’m a veritable useless sack of writhing shit, so you might as well go the extra mile and legitimize my place as an alluringly lascivious latrine.

My man and his brother love to plow my ass real hard into the ground.  I think they get a bit tired of my domineering nature now and again and need to take out their pent up aggression by treating me like a total piece of shit and completely humiliating me.  They attack my vanity by covering me in grit and grime, abuse my mind by verbally abusing me and calling me names and assault my body by forcefully violating all of my holes and showering me with cum and piss.  They even have a special toilet seat to put over my head so I’m sure that I know my true roll as their stupid toilet slave.

I know I’m a spoiled wife with a cushy life who gets everything she wants. I have to put up with a ton of literal shit to maintain that  status, though.  Lots of piss, too.  It’s all good, truth be told that IS everything I want!


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