Trick or Treat

Halloween is a great holiday!  What other time of the year can you eat too much candy and dress up like ghosts and goblins.  You can be a sexy witch or a seductive vampire, or even King Kong in a full costume.  I love going to the Halloween parties where everyone is masked – you don’t know who is who, and before the nights over you wind up fucking a nameless hairy monkey in the coat closet because you’ve been teasing him all night and he grabbed you and carried you into the closet.  That happened to me one year, and once he put me down in the closet I began to tease him even more.  I couldn’t see his balls, but I could tell by Kong’s moans that he had a serious case of blue balls.  I worked my hand through the mounds and mounds of hair on that costume, and when I tried to remove the costume he stopped me.  I silently agreed not to talk or know each other, so I turned around and let hi fuck me doggy style up against the wall.  It was the hottest, sexiest and craziest sex I’ve had in years. I’m sure this Halloween will be as exciting since I’m going back to the same party.

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