Tree of Life

So I met this guy in class today. He was really cute and REALLY funny. So I thought I would cut straight to the chase and asked him if he wanted to get naked with me? He smiled and said he was already planning to! Well I do love confident man. As Chris got up to leave he called back to me he would meet me in the quad at 4 pm! I was so excited. I have been really randy lately. And I really needed some strange! I got to the quad at 4 and was pretty fucking surprised. In the big tree in the middle of the quad was a BUNCH of naked people! There was a big sign saying The Tree of Life. And banners saying Happy Earth Day! And then I saw him… Chris. Naked and BEAUTIFUL. Mmmmm I was about to leave. But fuck that. I was gonna get naked anyhow right? So I stripped right there in front of everyone and ran to the tree! It really turned me on to have all the guys and girls hanging on the tree naked. And once I jumped in so did sooo many more guys. Even Professor Egon stripped and joined in.  It was a real cock fest. And I was already horny. So needless to say… Chris didn’t make it back to the car. I fucked his little ass right here on the tree! I just couldn’t wait any longer.

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