Traffic Ticket

So I just recently got my driver’s license and driving all on my own. However, the other day I got a ticket for running a red light and there was only one witness that saw me run the red light. I didn’t want my Mom and Dad to find out about it so I decided to think of a plan to get the ticket dismissed. So I came up with a plan, I showed up to the gas station where  ran the red light at and saw the only eye witness working at the gas station. So I went inside of the gas station and I asked to talk to him privately. So the man took me into the back where his office was in the store and shut the door behind us. I made sure that I wore a very short, tight green dress to get him to think of my teen pussy and not about what happened that day at the light. So I made a deal with him, if he said the light was green, I will give him the green light to fuck me. Which lead to my traffic ticket being dismissed and I owe it all to my slutty green dress. 😉

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