Touch Me And My Dick

Hey perverts! I know you have been watching me and lusting for awhile. Every time you check me out, your cock is rock hard in your hand as you jack off to me pictures. I know you are thinking what a great tits and lips I have. (mauh) You can’t resist me or my dick. Thoughts race threw your mind about sucking my dick, whether I forced you or not. (sensual smile) I would make you get on your knee and worship my dick with your pretty mouth and soft lips. To start off by slapping you in the face with this hard ass dick while you are rubbing my balls. I love to tease you while your mouth is trying to blow me. ( laughing )If you are give my a fabulous blow-job, I might give you my dick deep and hard my your ass. I love all of you perverted freaks. Especially when you call me and tell me how much you fantasizes about me and sucking my dick. (winks) LOL! I know you can’t get enough of me and crave me fucking you like no other has. So quit lying to yourself and pick up that phone and join me in our fantasy. (mauh)  

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