Toss My Salad Daddy!

Oh things we could do with this cucumber. Rub it up against my tiny soft nipples until they stand up straight. This is the best feeling ever. I mean like who came up with the shape of this vegetable? It doesn’t matter, I’m glad they did. It makes my juicy tomato quite wet when I’m handling it. I have a pretty active imagination, close of my eyes and I’m convinced it’s a rock hard cock entering my heavenly holes! I promise you will believe me too. Lay me on a bed of lettuce and let’s roll around in its crisp leaves. I’ll give you the best head you have ever had. See what I did there?  Then I’ll lean on a crouton while you take pleasure in my tight ass as I fondle my fresh cunnie. I’ll even lick off the ranch dressing you squirt from your long thick bottle. And the best part is you can put it on whatever part of my body you want too! Doesn’t this sound like the best salad ever? Don’t you want to just stick your fork in it?

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