Sloppy Wet and High As Hell

If partying were and Olympic sport I would get the gold, silver and bronze metals each and every time there was a competition. There is no drug or drink I won’t do. If it gives me a buzz, alters my senses and takes all my inhibitions away, I am game. I live for fun and don’t give a damned about sensibility or responsibility. Girls just want to have fun, or at least this girl just wants to have fun. I find that the higher I get the less I worry about what is proper or acceptable to everyone else and the more I focus on what makes me happy. And what makes me happy is being high, horny and stuffed full of cock and cum. What else is there in life but to be free and easy? Life is one big fuckfest, a party to be celebrated and enjoyed 24/7. Live it up, party like a rock star and fuck till you can’t fuck any more…you only live once, don’t waste one minute!

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