Tonight my girlfriend came over and we had all kinds of nasty fun

You know how these things go. Girlfriend comes over, and after just a little too much wine, the compliments start. Then the clothes start coming off. Alice, my friend, started by touching and sucking on my breasts, and hard, She loves the way my nipples get so incredibly hard! Then her hand reached down, and using two fingers she slowly stroked my clit in these tiny, perfect circles while kissing me so hard. God, it felt fucking amazing! I came in no time flat. Then it was my turn. I laid her on her back on my bed, and kissed my way all the way down to her cunt. I stuck two fingers inside her as my tongue lapped at her clit over and over again. Before too long she was already squirting into my mouth!! It was too god damn hot. I’d love to recreate that scene with the right guy and girl again, and soon 🙂Bisexual phone sex

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