Tinkerbell Transvestite

I am a pathetic pansy crossdresser who is destined to be outed, shamed and publicly humiliated on this site forever. There is nothing I can do to change my fate. All of the girls know who I am and all of my shameful sissy secrets. They know I am owned by Goddess Levi and I must submit to Her wishes, no matter how embarrassing to me. I am such a ridiculous sissy fairy loser I must beg and plead to be treated as I deserve. I must oink and squeal as a piggy pet and I must blubber and cry like a sissy little girl. I must beg and plead to be kept on permanent public display as an effeminate fairy fag for everyone to see and to make fun of me ! Oh, won’t you please tease me and shame me as I admit what a Tinkerbell Transvestite I am ? Oh, please ! I beg of You ! Please out me & shame me & publicly humiliate me as a Tinkerbell Transvestite ! Oh, Thank You ! Thank You So Much !

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