Time to Play

It’s time to play; Look what I have tucked away. She is ready, she is young. So it’s time to have some fun. I found her not to long ago. Then I tucked her in a hole. Trying to find the perfect one. To help me play until she is done. I know just how to take her life. Slowly cutting everything twice. Slicing and peeling until she is bloody. Perfect condition for my new buddy. Now it’s your turn to teach this slut. Just how to make a grown man nut. Fill her up and fuck her pussy. While I choke this slut silly. And when she spasms on your cock. You can empty your load so hot. I will squeeze the life right out. Snuffing the flame as I shout. Fuck that bitch till she’s dead. Then let me suck and give you head! I want to taste her on your cock. Until I make you hard as a rock. Then you can fuck me on her body. Remembering how we killed this hottie.

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