Me Time

Being a mom of five requires that Mommy gets away sometimes to have some “me time.”  Today I simply took a walk by myself.  When I passed up the neighborhood’s  activity center, my pussy started twerking at the site of 12 young guys playing some basketball.  I raced over to the court and watched and cheered for both teams.  I wore a simple crop top and miniskirt, and my no-panties cheerleading jumps soon caught their attention.  The guys took a halftime break, and surrounded me.  Without a bra, my hard nipples were obvious.  I let a few brave guys get a few feels, while others just watched and rubbed their cocks.  Before things went too far, I made an announcement that the winning team gets to celebrate with me.

The second half of the game was brutal, as they fought for the right to my poonanny!  In the end, I decided that both teams should celebrate for playing so hard.  Really, I was just being a greedy cock whore!  LOL  We used one of the guys’ garage for a fantastic gang bang!

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