Thugs Fantasy Rape Your Wife and Daughter

Home Invasion Phone Sex


Your wife and daughter are home alone waiting for you to come back from work. They have no idea that they will be having some house guests. We are waiting outside the window in front of your dining room table where your family is eating dinner. We send in the black thugs to break down the door. They try to run away but one of them pulls out a gun and they freeze. They all come in ready to fuck. They rip off their clothes as they scream for help. They order those whores to suck their cocks unless they want a bullet in their heads. Your wife tells your little daughter to be a good girl and they proceed to use them as fuck dolls. Your daughter is on her knees sucking each and every cock that comes in front of her. Your wife is filled with cum in every hole in her body as she watches her daughter be abused. They force her to watch as her daughter’s pussy is getting ripped apart by those big black cocks. No matter how loud they scream, Daddy is not coming home to save them. You’re in the front yard jerking off to all of this. 

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