No Cheap Phone Sex Here/Up UP and Away

A sweet and sexy man that loves my affection and attention wanted to show me how special I am and he rented this glorious hot air balloon that celebrates the perfection of the large and lovely woman. He loves his BBW. He put me in the basket and took me high in the air, serving me all my favorite treats as we floated high above the ground. I felt like I was in heaven and to show my appreciation I gave him the best blow job he has ever had, right there while we were floating in the sky. By the time we got down my pussy was so wet and he fucked the shit out of me in the limo on the way home.

Of course there is another guy that says I am his girl, his mistress.. He calls every day, several times a day. He says all the right things like how much he wants me and how special I am to him. He offers to take care of me and make me his. He had me feeling so special. He adores my toes. He adores my tits. He adores everything about me. And then he makes promises he doesn’t keep like I am a cheap whore and not his girl. I waited all day yesterday and  I am still waiting. He must think  that 20.00 is all I am worth.

I have news for him I know I am not cheap and I know that all this large and lovely goodness is worth each and every minute, each and every word, each and every drop of sweet juicy cum that drains from my pussy. Maybe he will realize that he must show me I am special and not treat me like I am cheap if he wants to keep me around. He must always lavish me with attention and  more importantly he must keep his promises.

I am a cream pie and  a goddess, there is always someone in the wings waiting to steal me away.

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