This cucky deserved the humiliation

humiliation phone sexLittle tiny dicked cucky boys don’t deserve to be with a perfect woman like me and if they don’t realize that for themselves, well, I have to make them aware of it. And when they insist on forcing the issue I just break them down into little sniveling balls of weakness and they beg me to release them but I never do. I took an arrogant little fuck and broke him down just yesterday, I locked his tiny little useless dick into a cock cage and made sure that he had no key to release it. He begged me to let him rub that itty bitty dickie but I just laughed and teased him some more. He begged to at least watch me fuck a real man but I wouldn’t even let him do that. Instead I made him suck my lover’s cock and swallow a hot load of cum and that was all the sex he got that night.

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