These toys in your ass!!!

Come here my little pet. We need to get you really ready to take a fat cock. So I came up with a plan for your in the-closet-fagot-ass. I have decided to help break in your little sissy booty with these toy. I know what you are thinking and you can thank me later by sucking my cock. But for now I want you to bend over and spread your booty cheek wide open for me so I can take a look at your tight asshole. Now I want you to relax while I lube up this big rubber dildo for you. Okay , it is ready for your booty. I take the rubber head of the toy and start rubbing it in circular motion and as I did that, you little butt hole to open up. I know you like this and you love moaning for my like a little trashy whore. So I shoved it all the way in and you screamed loudly. LOL! I lied. I didn’t lube the toy for you, slave. I just wanted to see your pussy booty hole get torn the fuck up. Well look at it this way, I know that if you can take this dry ass rubber cock deep into your girlie booty, then you will be ready for a real cock next time. LOL!

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