There’s Something About Firemen!

Adult Phone ChatAll girls love firemen so when I was asked to pose with a few in a calendar, I was like, Hell Yeah!

There were six of them and I got to do poses with each one, even the firehouse pooch, Sparky!

We were wrapped around a pole together; straddling a hose together; getting all soapy washing the truck together!

All that stuff by itself would have been enough to get a girl worked up but throw in a few hot guys…it was almost too much for me!

By the time the shoot was over, I needed to have my own fire put out!

That is the best thing about firemen, they are always there with a big full hose to put out your fire!

I had two volunteers just waiting to spray that jizz all over me! But they had a condition.

I had to pass Sparky’s approval.

I was not sure what they had in mind but I was hot and wet and ready to go!

They said that they never fuck a girl that Sparky wont fuck!

His  strong paws hurt like hell as he man handled my tight wet body!

They must have like what they saw because the big guy shoved his cock in my mouth while Sparky did his best to make me his bitch!

I loved sucking on that huge cock but that was just making my little kitty ache for something bigger than a tiny little poochy prick!

The second guy must have been ready to play! He lifted Sparky up and helped guide that little pencil rocket into my ass and he held him there while he slid his huge cunt stretcher into my used hole!Phone sex

Each hole was stuffed and they all filled their openings with hot gooey cream, even Sparky, and I could have put out a 3 alarm fire with the juices that squirted out of my sloppy wet pussy over and over!

It has been a long time since a man (or mans best friend) has made me cum like that!  And my first furry friend experience!

I wish I could do that every night!



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