The Real Thing

Adult Phone ChatYou know what I do for a living.

You think it is kinda hot but you are scared.

You are afraid that you wont be good enough. That you wont be able to make me scream.

But even if you do make me scream, how will you know it is real?

You decided you would torture me instead.

You were going to bring me closer and closer but refuse to let me cum!

You wanted to hear the trembling in my voice.

If I wanted you, I was going to have to beg for you!

You know I have never had to beg before. I could get any man I wanted and it made you so hard knowing I wanted you. Knowing that you had control over me. Knowing that you owned me. Knowing I would not have any release until you allowed me to cum!

You were going to make me crawl on my hands and knees, my pussy dripping, aching for you. Aching to feel that hard cock stretch my tight little hole!

But even that wasn’t enough! You wanted proof! Evidence that I came for you.

You dressed me in the nicest panties with the smoothest satin and softest lace.

Your seductive voice bringing me closer and closer. Until finally! You allowed me to cum! Finally!

The panties were soaked. Stained forever with evidence of my desire for you!

They were sealed in a ziplock while still wet and mailed to you.

When you open them, my smell will surround you, intoxicating you as you breath me in!

Sadly, they will dry and my aroma will fade and you will need more evidence that you are the only man that I truly cum for.

I need to hear you again! The pressure is building! I need some release. Please baby! I am on my hands and knees, begging!

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