The Queen’s Sissy Servitude: A Financial Domination Story

Bratty Girl Phone Sex

Oh, little piggy, you’re back again, aren’t you? Addicted to the sound of my youthful, taunting voice. You, a pathetic sissy slut, yearn for my dominance, and your wallet yearns to empty itself for me.

You’re mine, and you know it. I own you, body and soul. Your baby dickie is but a mere speck compared to the mighty force that is my youthful essence. I hold the power, and you’re but a submitter.

You’re a cash cow, an ATM, a resource to fuel my lavish lifestyle. And you know what? You love it. The thought of me, a gorgeous teenager, controlling your finances, sends shivers down your spine. Your paycheck is but a token of your devotion, a sacrifice to my superiority.

Each time you send me more, a smile stretches across my gorgeous face. Your loss is my gain, and the cycle continues. You’re a loser, yes, a spineless wonder, and I, your lovely young mistress, deserve every inch of your surrender.

You’ll always craves me and my essence. I’m the girl of your dreams, and you know you can never have me—or any girl—like me. It’s a good thing you have me, your teenage queen, to keep you company and drain your funds.

Prepare to give all, for I, the teen brat, demand it!


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