The Melting Pot

hot phone sex elainaI couldn’t stop looking at the clock. My gentleman friend, William, was coming to pick me up for dinner. We were going to a new 5 star restaurant called The Melting Pot – which serves all kinds of fondues in a very posh setting. All my friends were envious that we were able to get a reservation. Apparently they are booked for months. My William is a very resourceful man, and always gets what he wants. Tonight, he wanted fondue and me in my black cocktail dress.
I of course spent the day at the spa, getting my manicure, pedicure and hair done. I always leave the house looking runway ready, to show off my lovely body. William has rules when we go out. I am not allowed to wear panties or a bra. He wants other men to look at me and know they can’t have me. This game turns me on greatly.
At last there was a knock at the door. My face flushed as I took one last look in the mirror – perfect! I opened the door and there was my man! He looked dashingly handsome in is power suit. “Good evening, Sir” I whispered.  His eyes studied my silhouette for a moment, and then he kissed me. As we walked to the car, William bent over and whispered “tonight is going to be very special”. I could not wait to see what was in store!
We arrived to the beautiful office center, where the restaurant was situated. We were immediately greeted by smiling and well-dressed wait staff, and escorted to our own private booth. I slid into the fine leather seat and William followed. “Tonight’s dinner is all about patience” he said. I had a hunch this was going to be a very long meal indeed. William ordered the four course experience for us. We were to be showered with fine cheese and wine and my all-time favorite Filet Mignon and lobster. My mouth was already watering as I could smell the cooking aromas from other tables in the restaurant.
We took our time tasting the wine and enjoying the slow cooking meal prepared in stages at our table. On occasion William would kiss me deep and warm with his probing tongue. This sent shivers up and down my spine. Eating was very sexy tonight as the food was all bite size pieces being pulled off of tiny cooking forks. We took turns feeding each other tasty morsels and my pussy began to ache for attention.  William knows this about me, so he leaned over and ran his hand up my dress. “Good girl” he said as he slowly shoved in one of his big fingers. I tried not to moan too loudly as he began to finger me under the table. My heart was racing as any minute a wait staff member could walk in on us.
In went a second finger and I arched in pleasure as he began to finger me harder. My body was so wrapped up in pleasure that I forgot to be quiet. William laughed at me and told me to hush. I sipped on my wine to keep from making more noise.  We played like this throughout the dinner course and I told him that I could not take it anymore – I needed to be fucked hard right now!
He agreed and said he had another surprise. Our waiter escorted us out a side door leading to the closed office building. There was a giant glass elevator in front of us that went to the penthouse floor.  William had worked out a deal with the security officer for us to be allowed up on the elevator after hours. I gave him a wicked look and we got onto the elevator. William pushed the button to the penthouse and up we went.
Just before we were to arrive at our floor, William hit the stop elevator button. We were stuck between floors with a lovely view of the city below. William reached his hand up under my dress and inserted three fingers into my hungry pussy. I moaned in pleasure and rocked myself hard against him. William turned me around and bent me over. My tits were pressed tight against the glass elevator window. He pulled out his hard cock and shoved it into my dripping cunt. Thrust after thrust we rocked together. Bucking and fucking we were out of control. I exploded in a shower of cum as William blew his hot load deep inside me. I could feel his hot cum against my pussy walls and I came. He bent down and kissed me on the back of the neck. Suddenly we heard a strange voice on the intercom. “Is everything okay up there?”  William hit the elevator talk button and said we were fine, just stuck between the floors. The elevator shuttered and suddenly we were moving again.
By the time the doors opened on the main level, we had regained our composure. William tipped the Security Guard $50 and we were on our way. I have to say that I now have a favorite new restaurant to brag about!

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