The Interview

Now I know you are here for the job position that is available. Their has been a lot of applicants that have applied for this job in the company. However, I feel that you have the upper had to getting this position if you can demonstrate to me that you deserve this job. After I am going to be your boss since I am an executive director for this company. So since you will be doing everything I say and taking care of anything I need at the office, I am going to give you a task and see how you will handle it. Remember how you handle this task will help me decide whether or not I will hire you so please do your best to please me and show me how much you want this job. So I sat in front of you on my desk as I was rubbing my tits threw this blouse and I started to feel that my pussy was so wet that it went right threw my lacy panties on to my shirt. Now that we are alone you can show me your tongue skill by licking this pussy until I cream all over your face. Then if you do that well, I just might let you shove your cock deep inside out my cream pie pussy. Now get to work before I fire you!

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