The head on the Penny


phone sex fetish

Just like honest Abe, I can never tell a lie. So When my boyfriend found out I fucked our neighbor I had to tell him the truth. It was for his birthday, I wanted him to have a good day. I wonder if good ole Abraham Lincoln ever had a bad birthday. I am sure he did. But When he was married to his wife and in the white house did the president of our great country ever get his dick sucked? I must say Id suck a president cock. Nothing like what happened with Clinton would happen again. Id keep my mouth shut and suck up all the powerful cum I could. Abraham Lincolns birthday is today. I would like to honor him by sucking my boyfriends cock. I am trying to make up for the wrong I did. I know my bf’s favorite president is Abe, so I have giving him a giant bag of penny’s. He is aloud to put them on my body or inside. We want to make sure Abe has a great birthday this year.

phone sex fetish

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