The girl next door

Everyday I see you looking at me and smile with naughty thoughts of you. ^giggles^ When I come over your house I wear tiny shorts and cut little shirts so that way I know you have your attention. Now that your wife is gone for the day and we are alone together, I want you to touch my little cunny. I want you to make it feel good with your man stick. Oh, come on … you and I both know you want to stick it in my cunny. Now I have been wanting you and your man bits for a long time. Who cares that you are old enough to be my daddy and you have a silly wife who is not tight as me. 🙂 So this is what you are going to do, you are going to make me feel good with you deep inside of my cunny … or I will just tell everyone that you hurt me in a bad way. (BOO WHOO)  🙂 So do the right thing and play nice with me and my cunny. Also don’t forget I want to squirt your goo in me so I can feel good and squishy for that baby you promised to give me. 😉

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