The Escort

I am Mistress Suzi and I escort to the richest of clients world wide. My clients CAN’T get enough of me and I rape their wallets of every cent they have. I give a man every fantasy that their prudish wife won’t give them. I attend the wealthiest parties and functions my clients pay me accompany them with. I mean can you blame them, I look so fucking hot! The best part is that they don’t know that I have a BIG DICK underneath my panties, until its too late. Of course they want to resist when they first find out, until I force them to suck this DICK. Then they just can’t get enough of me or my COCK. I tell them that if they told anyone that I have a cock , I will tell all their family and friends that they are a cock sucking whore that takes it up the ass. Humm, LOL … I love my job.

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