The Cruise Date

Phone SexOne of the things I love about dating married men is all the attention they give me. I am always being wisked away on weekend getaways, being showered with gifts. It is great!

So I was very excited when one of my guys asked me to go on a cruise! It was just for a weekend and it was going to be so romantic!

We didn’t even unpack when we got to our cabin, just threw our stuff in and headed to bar. That is where I saw you. You were so incredibly sexy, sitting there, sipping on some gin. I could see you looking at me. I thought we were both thinking the same thing and that is when your girlfriend came in. I was so disappointed!

My guy saw us checking each other out. I thought he was going to be mad but he just smiled. He asked me if I liked you and I didn’t know what to say. I guess we were a little too obvious. But he just laughed and said that if you were what I wanted, then I should have you! I was so confused.

I am feeling a little bad so I start giving my man a little attention. I turn and slide my legs in between his. I start running my fingers up and down the inside of his thigh. I could see him growing harder. I love that he gets hard for me so easily! Then I felt you standing behind me and you kissed the side of my neck! My eyes close and roll back in my head and I instantly forget where I am!

But we are still in the lounge and now you are reaching in front of me and grabbing my tits with one hand while the other pushes my dress up my thigh, kissing my neck the entire time! I was consumed with desire for you! I opened my eyes and my man was still sitting in front of me, watching us as your girlfriend did the same to him!

That’s when I realized that this was a swingers cruise! Damn! I let go of whatever inhibitions I had and guided your fingers into my dripping wet honey pot! Your girl slid between me and my man and dropped to her knees and started sucking his hard cock!

He told me that he wanted to watch you fuck me! It was so hot! I stood up and knelt on the bar stool and ground my ass into your crotch! I felt your hot massive mushroom head maneuver its way inside me.

Your hands were on my hips as you slammed my cunt over and over and your girl was still on her knees sucking my man like she was getting venom out of a snake bite!

The entire time, my man and I were watching each other. I never realized how erotic it would be to watch your partner get fucked by someone else! You could have been anyone! It could have been any mans cock in me and it would not have mattered! You were just a tool in our sexual experiment, a fucking hot tool, but still just a tool!

He reached over and stuck his tongue down my throat while you and your girl continued to fuck us. Him kissing me while you fucked me sent me over the edge. I came so hard, I think the entire ship heard me!

We went back to the cabin to clean up for dinner and I was still so turned on! It was the best weekend ever! Every time we were fucked by another couple, we came back and had the most intense sex! Each time was different and more powerful than the one before!

I never knew I was a swinger! That’s what I love about you babe! It is always an enticing adventure!

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