The Best Fuckings Come From Daddy

Daddy's Girl Phone Sex

I have to admit one of the best fuckings I got was from my daddy. I was home from school and he came home early from work, so it was just the 2 of us. I had decided to take a nap. It was so hot I decided to sleep in my pantie. In my sleep I was feeling a tickle in between my legs. Something was tickling my little cunt and it felt so good that I wiggled towards it more. I woke up, saw a body on top of me and was going to scream. Daddy put his hand over my mouth and said no one was home no one would hear me. He had already taken my panties off so he spread my legs wider with his legs. I noticed he was naked and his man meat was hard and pointing toward my tiny cunt. As he started pushing it into me, he told me to relax and enjoy it. I tried not to think about the pain of his meat stretching me open and just thought about what daddy said. As he pounded his meat in me hard, he used his fingers on my little button and rubbed it. He kept rubbing it and he forced his hard meat in and out. It was feeling good and I started what daddy called cumming and he did too. Daddy always fucked me good.  

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