The Babysitter Found Your Naked Teen Pictures

naked teen pictures

I found naked teen pictures on this guys laptop. I was babysitting for him and he left it unlocked. I just had to go through his stuff, it was too tempting. I found some really naughty pictures of him fucking young girls like me and stuffing his cock into all of their holes. I got so turned on that I had to rub my pussy right then and make myself cum. While I was finger banging my little cunt I kept thinking of how naughty and kinky it would be for me to make a little video for him to find later. So, I turned on the camera on his laptop and started stripping. I recorded myself taking my clothes off and then fingering my dripping wet pink pussy. After I was finished cumming I saved it and left it open on his computer for him to find. I wonder how long he will make it through the video until he shoots his load. I know next time I come over to babysit he’s going to try and fuck me. I bet he didn’t even know what a naughty little slut I am.

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