The Art Of Fallatio 101

adult phone chat dixie1When I heard about this class being offered at the adult ed night school and that they were looking for an instructor, I had to apply. When I found out I got the job I was thrilled. I didn’t need lesson plans, I am the best fucking cock sucking whore around. These girls were going to be sucking the skin off dicks in no time.
I thought I would be teaching them using things like bananas and cucumbers, but when I walked in my class there was a table with suctioned dildos of all sizes and shapes on a long table. I was instructed as to how to keep them clean ans sterile after each class. But my mind was already on the lessons.
The first week would be learning how to lick and tease the cock. How to flick the tongue on the dick to make the man writhe and wiggle with anticipation.
The second class I would teach them how to squeeze the dick just right and stroke it while just taking the top part of it in their mouths while using the hands to heighten his pleasure.
The third and fourth class would be learning the art of deep throat and ball sucking.
Then we would spend a few weeks putting all our techniques together and practicing for the final.
Any volunteers for that last exam to see if they learned the art of fellatio?



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