Thanks For The Job, Daddy!


Fetish Phone Sex


It’s was such a good idea for you to hire me as your personal assistant so that
we could play while you are at work. I know how much a good hard flogging really
helps you focus before an important meeting. Being your domme-y Princess just feels
so right and it gives you a sneaky way to give me money now without your wife or business
partners being hip to what’s really going on. I think it’d be really cute if you sat at
your desk across from mine and watched me play with my pussy while you stuff the
biggest butt plug we could find up your ass. Doesn’t it drive you crazy knowing I actually own
you? You’re a grown man but you love nothing more than being my little bitch at the end of
the day. To everyone else you’re a strong no-it-all guy but with me, your Princess, you are just
a filthy slut. Under that suit you’re wearing silky pink panties and a matching bra. How
cute you look too, might I add. So daddy, I don’t have to worry about any bills next month- correct?
It’s the only way you can keep this Princess happy. 😉

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