Thanks Coach!

Hardcore Ass FuckingI got into a whole lot of trouble today in gym class trying to avoid having to run the mile. Couch Jessica was so pissed
off with me after she caught me hiding in the dugout smoking cigarettes that she demanded I come to her office after my last class.
As soon as I walked in, I noticed the paddle she normally kept behind her desk wasn’t hanging in its normal spot.
That’s when she walked up behind me from the door and just said, “Drop em!” I knew that meant my panties and shorts but I
still stood there dumbfounded as to how to handle situation. Was she a lesbian or just one for punishment. Before I could
wrap my brain around any further conceptions of the play by play, she had pulled my bottoms off me and flung me over the side of
her desk. Coach Jessica gave me the bare bottom spanking of my god damn life, going so far as to even stick her fingers
inside my dripping wet pussy while she paddled away. After she was done, she handed me a sharpie and made me sign the paddle.
Now I know how all those names got on there. Hey wait, isn’t that your little girl’s name beside mine?

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