Thank You to my Brother

My big brother is always looking out for me. I love him so much. He sends me things while I am off at school. Most of which are naughty things but there are a few things he sends me that are normal. Most recently he sent me a little dildo that looks like a carrot. I think it is supposed to be a present for me for Easter. Or its his way of saying he wants to fuck like rabbits. Either way I have had a lot of fun with that little toy. It is small but it vibrates too. It gets the job done that’s for sure. I am going to be getting a break from school soon and I am going to spend it at home. I am going to take my new toy with me as well as all the other stuff my brother has sent me. I plan on using the toys and letting my big brother watch. I want to see his cock grow big against his pants and strain the fabric. Oh my, I am going to go use this carrot looking vibrator right now!

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