Thank you for the orgasmic call

I just had really hot call with a guy this morning that got me in squirting all over myself and my couch. Lol!  So I had to write about the whole  super wet experience. Well I recently just bought a new sex toy last night when I went out with my girlfriends to an Adult Sex Toy / Movie Store. It was a vibrator that had a bullet for my tiny clit, a fat dildo that lights up red while hitting my G-spot, and a rubber spike piece that fits in my nasty asshole. So it took care of all three of my creamy wet spot areas. Just listening to his voice and knowing he was jacking off to me moaning while fucking myself got my toes to curl with intensity. After I turned the toy to a higher speed while rubbing my hard nipples I started squirting and moaning hard! WOW!!! Thank for that mind blowing orgasm baby, I just can’t wait for you to call me again. XOXO!!! Brooke.

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