Thank God It’s Friday!!

Daddy knew just what to do on this beautiful Friday! A nice hard pussy pounding is just what I needed to start this weekend off right! He came home, made me get on my knees and suck his long hard cock! I love gagging on his big dick! I have to make sure its nice and wet for my tight teen cunnie! I was rubbing all over my clit and sucking on daddy’s dick when he picked me up, laid me on the bed and shoved his face between my legs! Oh yessss! Daddy just kept rolling his tongue on my clit until I squirted that yummy juice in his mouth! I was more than ready to get fucked then! I swear it’s something about Friday that puts a pep in my step! I have three whole days of pure sluttiness fun! Friday is the appetizer… gets your taste buds all ready for Saturday! When Saturday comes we can have the main course! I’m talking about all kinds of kinky, forbidden, fetish fun! Sunday is where you top it all off with a little dessert. Put on a little sexy show with some lingerie and jaw dropping moves daddy has never seen… MmmMmmMmm. The Weekend is Here! TGIF!!!

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