Teasing my hot neighbor


It finally happened with me and my hot married neighbor. He couldn’t resist me after all the teasing I have done to his cock. You see I have been having the hots for my next door neighbor ever since he moved in the house next door. His wife is never home since her job takes her out of town while I can take out her hubby’s dick and suck on it. I would always make sure I would change clothes in front of my window when I knew he was watching. When I needed a man around the house to fix things, I would always invite him over only wearing bras and booty short panties. It was so cute how he would try to tell me that he couldn’t and he is married. Well to me that means ” I am horny and never get any.” So I was up for the challenge to get that cock any way I wanted and would just try harder. Yesterday he came over to change out my light bulbs on my living room ceiling fan for me. While he was on the ladder I unzipped his pants and started stoking his cock while licking his balls. He so was caught off guard by me that he almost fell off the ladder. lol! So I held on to his firm butt as I was sucking his fat cock in my mouth. He tasted so amazing in my mouth that I wanted to swallow him whole. Instead I got him to squirt a nice cream pie down my throat. Now I can’t wait til his wife leaves again.

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