Taste My Vino

I went to a wine tasting tonight. I knew I was invited by my boss because he wanted some big titties there to keep everyone entertained while the wine flowed. More tits for the party meant more money for him in wine sales. I tasted over twenty wines and by the time we were 30 minutes into the party and sure enough the gentlemen at the party couldn’t keep their eyes off my breasts. I purposely spilled some red wine down my cleavage and a young buck was first to jump at the opportunity to help.

hot phonesex brandy
He tried to wipe it with his finger but I grabbed his head and placed it down between my tits and told him to clean me up. All the other men looked on in lust and I saw some of them tip their glasses back in an attempt to curb their appetite to taste their wine off my tits. I pulled my dress down and let my nipples show. The men really started to gather and watched as two more men joined in with the young guy and began pouring their cold wine on my hot nipples.

I could smell the grapes in the wine and pulled my hair out of the way so that all the guys could pour their expensive wines down my chest and get a taste of what makes wine even better. They poured so much it ran down through my dress and began dripping down my legs. The guys didn’t miss a beat and got down on their knees and licked it as it dripped from my thighs. A little pussy juice added in never hurt a good vintage, right? By the end of the night we had sold more bottles than ever before and I got my case free. I love the sweet sticky feel of the wine on my body and love that I could make everyone’s tasting that much better.

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