Tantric Sex Delight

Tantric Sex is all about increasing potent sexual energy and intimacy while you fuck your brains out. It is about prolonging the great sex. Slowly fucking and rubbing. Teasing and touching. Slowly rubbing your body over your sex partners. Breathing as one unit. Becoming one body. Slowly merging yourself into one sexual being. That is what I am all about. I want to slide my body over you. I want to feel myself, my hard cock slip inside you. Our breathes covering each other. Our fingers slowly caressing every single spot. Barely moving. Gliding together and dragging out every drop of pleasure. As my hard cock grows thicker and harder deep inside you. I pull you close to me and kiss you deeply. We are one soul, one body. I want to slowly ride the waves of passion. Building and arcing together. Until we are both beyond ourselves. Until we can no longer hold back and we fall off the cliffs of ecstasy together.

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