Taking My Candy….

home invasion phone sex vivI spent the day in pig tales teasing him relentlessly. They say the more they want it, the better it is when you finally give in. I wasn’t going to make him wait forever. In fact I wanted him as bad as he wanted me and planned on giving in tomorrow. Of course sometimes things don’t go as we plan.

I was in a deep sleep. Dreaming of how good it was going to be tomorrow when I finally gave him my pussy. In my dream I was in my pig tales still and on my knees with his dick in my mouth sucking it deep into my throat and feeling my pussy get wetter each time the head hit the back of my throat. I knew that when he finally put it in my pussy I would explode!

I felt like someone was watching me, yet I knew that I was home alone. Not wanting to, but not being able to help it, I opened my eyes leaving my dream and there he was standing over me watching me sleep with his dick in his hand. Before I could ask him how he got in, he covered my mouth with his hand that was covered in pre-cum. The smell made my already wet pussy even wetter.

I felt him run his hand down to my waiting honey pot and his finger slid in my moist hole with ease. After fucking me with his finger for a while, he removed his hand and put his face between my legs. “I am about to taste your rainbow, baby. Open wide”

I think I love home invasion sex.

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