Taking Candy From Strangers

I was the last one off the school bus. All the other kids had gotten off and their parents had picked them up. My step mom was late again so I started walking home. An older man in a dark car pulled up beside me. He asked me if I needed a ride. I was pretty nervous cuz I’m not supposed to talk to strangers. He told me it was awful hot for a pretty girl to have to walk and he had plenty of gummy bears that he just couldn’t eat all by himself. I knew I shouldn’t, I really did but something about the way he made me feel so pretty excited me. The yummy gummy bears were waiting too! So I got in the car with him. Before I knew it I was gulping down little fat gummy bears and giggling at the stranger who was being very funny. He kept talking to me so much. I couldn’t even interrupt him to tell him he’d passed my street already. I was having fun though and in no mood to get home early so when he realized his boo boo he asked if I wanted to take a peek at his crib since we were already on his street. Once we were inside, the stranger changed. He wasn’t the funny, talkative guy from earlier but was actually kinda scary. He starred at me so hard and it’s like he could see thru my clothes. He was looking me up and down and stroking his hard cock thru his jeans. I was always warned about taking candy from strangers. Well this stranger taught me just exactly what’s in store for a dumb little girl with a sweet tooth!!

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